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Stopping the Enemy
Stirring Up What's Inside
Bringing In The Lost
Looking The Wrong Way
Aint It a Shame
Slaying a Giant in Your Life
Facing the Giant You Slay
Coming Back to God
Farming, Banking, Goals
Abiding in God's Will
Casting the First Stone
Three Factors of Human Experience
Roll Away The Stone
How Is Your Patience
Who Do We Desire To Please
Answering The Call
Two Great Loves
Shadetree Christian
It's Time To Move
Removing The Old

What Level Is Your Faith
Hearing For Your Gifts
Your Life Is Important To God
What Has Happened To The Church
Right Place, Right Time, Right People
It's Never Too Late
The Church Making Ready
The Church in a War Zone
A Reminder of What Sin Destroys
In His Presence You Are Blessed
Dressed For Battle
Almost Making Decisions
Yielding to God's Presence
I'm Not Ashamed
Guard Your Increase
Is Your Heart Locked
It's Not Your Last Run
Obeying God's Word Again
Restoring the Church's Power
What If ?
Do You Know Him ?
The Church Must Repent
The Last Night
How Do You See It?
Let God Remove The Old Skin
Comfortable of Obedience
Pride Causes Missed Blessings
Does God Wonder
Woe Is Me
Powerless or Powerful (Jared Jenkins)
God Makes a nobody, a somebody)

Each sermon is available on DVD. If you would like a copy please email us under the praise report and be sure to include your name, address, and which sermon you would like. There is no charge for the DVD, however donations are accepted to cover the cost of the DVD, labels, and cases. Thank you and may God Bless

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