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Winterville Assembly of God
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April 22, 2018


He is Risen!  He is Risen Indeed!          

Good morning and welcome to Winterville Assembly of God Church.  If you are visiting with us for the first time, we hope you enjoy worshipping God and witnessing His Almighty presence here at Winterville.  He is our Rock and our Salvation.  He is our Deliverer and our Redeemer.  He is faithful to forgive us of our sins and shortcomings.  We must also forgive the shortcomings of others. When we hold grudges against people who we feel have wronged us, we are actually creating a relationship with them that will follow us until we decide to forgive.  This negative relationship can stand in the way of receiving many blessings.  Is it worth it to give up God’s blessings in exchange for begrudging someone that you don’t even really like?  Pray for a forgiving heart and God will not only give you that, you will find yourself loving them.  



Jail Ministry

Men and Women: Monday nights, 7:00 pm. Geneva, AL.

Men only:  Bonifay Jail 6:30pm on Mondays

Women only: Sister Virginia Smith,- Monday, April 23rd, at 6:30 p.m.  Bonifay Jail. 


Please pray for these needs:

Our Pastor, Sis Barbara & Family

Our Leaders at Winterville

World Harvest School of Ministry

Unsaved Friends and Loved Ones

  Jason, Jessica Elliot & Family    


Our Church


Jobs/Financial Needs                                                                       

The “Hellfighters”

Tim Howard    


Special medical request from Abby

Our Government Leaders

Our van ministry

Wayne & Betty Jo Smith & Family




Joe & Yvette Steverson

David & Maria Krouse

Jennifer McKenzie & Family

Bernice Goldsmith & Family

Betty Jean Steverson

Virginia Smith & family

Carlton & Yvonne Redmon

Kelsey Monaghan and family

Perry and Dawn Bivins

Dean Jones and family

Chad and Maclyn Gilley

James & Louise Forehand

Heather McGill Caldwell

Sister TJ Martin

Catherine Fears and Family

Tommy Ray Harris

Joni Steverson

Chrystal Floyd Harris

Robin Angerbrandt

Johnny Lumpkin

Tommy Chamber

Brock & Fierra Wilks

The Petty Family

The Chambers Family

Judy and Hershel Carnley

The family of Charlie Plair

Vy Nguyen and family

Edna Owens and son Greg

Wayne and Patsy Spoon

Jean and Edward Norris

Scott and Darlene Rains

Jessica Walding & Family

Ronald & Kerri Acreman

Kevin Hartman & Family

Courtney Cox and Family

CiCi Cappuccio & family

Ronnie Watkins

Veronica and daughter Faith

Nathaniel Quire & Family

Katrianna Simonds & Family

Brent & Naveah Walding

Alicia Richardson

The Stewart Family

Wayne & Ann Faust

Wayne Davis & Family

Annette Sasnett

Billy Curry

Rhonda & Jay Saunders

Cindy & Steve Grecco

Steven & Joy Price

Michael Peacock & Family

Ellen Carnley

Brandi Jo

Emmy & Jason Mosser

Fred & Virginia Wilson

Gabby Hornsby 14 years old

Tina Dean Sanders

Don Hatcher

Clinton & April Carper

Reynold's Contracting and Employees

Sue Steverson Roberts

Ashley Acreman & Family

Mae Anderson & Family 

Little Man

Ruth Pope & Family                    

Ronnie Bennett

Kayesen Birge

JD Gandy

Jade Jackson

 Ronnie White                                                                                                                                                                                   

Judy Baxley

Sandra Marell

James Moore

Joshua Anderson

Sam Burcham

Harold Davis

Al Johnson

Emily Thompson
Wayne Brazeal

Mutt Wood

Dorothy Bush

Elyssa Willis

Bill Hewit

Sarah Burnham

James Shoemaker

Lee O’Bryan

Sister Barley

Wayne & Debra Acreman

Samantha Miller

Jean Taylor

Timothy & Tabby Bland

Mary Duffell

Mason Vaughn

Samantha Willsey

Wanda Marell

Travis Johnson

Jessica Curry

Elder George Martin

Debra & Chuck Wilson

Dianna (Scott)

Dylan McCain

James Carnley

Judy Walch

Aleah & Raigan

Sharon Kay Larion

Eli & Myra Sfrassie

Robbie Toole

Julie Toole

Nettie Shields

Ginny Cone

Bryson Carnley

Ben Berry

Shamus Tindol

Samantha Stephens

Larry Taylor & Family

Philip Allen

Cecilia Powell

Chase Carnley

Wayne Young

Ronald Falls

Tracey Kilcrease

Eloise Pippins

Marty (Medical)

Patricia Smith 

Donnie Gibson & Family

Kaycee Patel

Evelyn Powell                                   

Ada Curry

Martha Whitaker 

Faye Driggers

Michelle Stephens

Connie Lowery

Justin Lee

John Croft

Nancy Steverson

Alice Hall

Hailey Walker

Krystal Ogburn

Ashley Ogburn

David McCourt

Tina Pickard

Larry Sketo

Roger Folkes

Carroll Walker

Tammy Lawson

JoAnn Josey

Ruth Stafford

Sober Cheryl

Jim Pitts

Tim Davis

Lonnie Jenkins

Billy Hudson

Monds Family

Daniel Robke

Litha Marell

Christy Clemmons

Paul and Family

Merina Arroyo

Mary Shiver

John Willsey

Sister Margaret

Kahlea Smith

Tammy Osborne

Donnie Mullins, Jr.

Barbara Purvis

Mary Leavins

Sheila Miller

Pepper Simmonds

Glenn Willsey

Jadie Kennedy

Justin Fowler

Danita Nolen

Tim Steverson

Julie Sellers

John Connors

Jerry Jensen

Keith Adams

Coral Murphy

John Sasnett

Russell Kirkland

Katelyn Thomas

Jerry Grimes

Tony Metheney

Emily Schofield

Linda Roberts

Deborah Nix

Bobby and Eddi Nowling

Roy and Kelly Suttles

Jada Strickland

Lonnie & Patty Brackin

Jason Ettenberger

Stacy Reynolds

Eli Sledge

Josh Curry

Kimberly Bland & Family

Adam & Lesile Howle

Calvin,Renee Smith & Family

Anthony Paulk & Family

Jonathon Bland &Family

Joy Cotton

Trina Grimes & Family

Tommy Dolar

Dewey Norris

Jason Pyle

Roger Marell

Raymond Acreman

Tom Castle

Dorothy Harrison

Nathrita Evans

Jeff Sullivan and Family

Elizabeth Ketchem

Tifford Jackson

Lucy Mullins

Irene Whitley

Sherry Cook & Family

Pete Norris

Billy & Ellen Miller

Robin Garcia

Richard Marell

Cameron Williams

Saller Farrington

Nicole Paulk

Robin Ferguson

Tonya Carlisle & family

Betty Sims

Jim Perkins

Stephanie Fears

Crystal Fears

Felicia Carson

Wayne Williams

Margaret Boggs

Janice Perkins

Butch Grubbs

Helen Gibson

Dan Gray

Michael Cannon

Elizabeth Clark

Dot Johnson

Robert Newsome

Donna Hoffman

Alisha Deal

Brenda Hudson

Katilynn  Mims

Steven Thomas

Renee Carlisle

Many Unspoken














If you have a prayer request or a praise report that you would like to share with us, please give it to Brother Neal or Sister Barbara Reeves.






1He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.  --Psalm 91:1



Psalm 91:1 is a comforting scripture to all who are burdened down with life and the challenges it brings.  From time to time, we all, some more than others, look forward to finding that secret place hidden by the shadow of the Almighty God.  The place where we can go and abide peacefully without being hammered with the ordinary stresses of life; the place where we can get alone with God without facing hindrances from the outside world; the place where we can find shelter from the storms; Let’s make Winterville Assembly of God Church the secret place for everyone to find refuge.  Let us all vow to respect the secret place of our brothers and sisters by having no conversation with them outside of Jesus Christ and Him crucified.  For example, if President Donald Trump were to join us for worship, let’s vow not to bother him with anything having to do with the affairs of the country, but give him time and space so that he may enter his secret place and be able to serve and worship the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, here at Winterville without distractions.  There are six other days in the week and countless lines of communication for us to take care of business related issues.  Allow everyone his or her time in the Secret Place.  God Bless You! 




Our next choir practice will be May 6th, at 4:30pm


The WM’s are selling “Happy Home” Flavorings to raise money for their ministry. Each bottle of flavoring is $3 per bottle.  They are also selling the “Danny Duzit Steel Wool Scrubber” for $4 each.  Please see one of the ladies if you would like to make a purchase.  You will be blessed for supporting their ministry.


The Shepherds will be in concert here at Winterville on May 4th, at 7pm.  Bring someone with you and be expecting many blessings.


We will be honoring our Class of 2018 seniors during the evening service of May 27th.  



Calendar of events:




May 4

“The Shepherd’s” in concert

Begins at 7pm

May 13

Mother’s Day

No evening service

May 20


No evening service

May 27

Class of 2018 Senior recognition

During evening service


Our Lord and Savior has blessed Winterville with some new sound equipment and we are very excited to have the opportunity to use it for singing and preaching about the Good News of Jesus Christ here at Winterville.  The new equipment is “state of the art” and highly technical, so please be patient with us as we learn how to use it properly and efficiently.  Also, if you walk by the sound booth and look inside, you may be mesmerized by all of the pretty lights and tantalizing buttons on the new soundboard.  Please fight the urges that you might have to press any of these buttons, twist any knobs, or modify the settings in any way without having the proper authorization to do so.  Any unauthorized adjustments could adversely affect the quality of sound in our services here at Winterville and online while we are live.  In addition, please never use the soundboard as a charging station for any devices. 



Winterville’s youth will now be known as The United Student Ministries of Winterville and will be under the direction of Brother Willie and Sister Jennifer Maples, and Brother Bryan and Sister Brittany Johnson.  It will be for middle and high school aged students and they will be meeting at 6pm on Sunday evenings in the youth building.  Please reach out to your friends and neighbors in the community and invite them to join this ministry.  As always, keep this ministry, its leaders and students in constant prayer.  1 Timothy 4:12 says “Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, and in purity.”



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